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Kordon AmQuel+Plus

Kordon AmQuel+Plus

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Aquarists are now having more trouble with water quality than ever before. Much of this is based on municipal water districts having to deal with water sources more contaminated with bacteria, nitrogenous waste products, etc. than ever before. The result is that water districts are using more chemical additives and delivering water of poorer quality than in the past. Therefore, fish keepers need ways to improve water quality for their aquariums and ponds, and to make fewer water changes to minimize the risks when adding new tap water. AmQuel Plus fills these needs by controlling many problems associated with the nitrogen cycle and removing unwanted toxins introduced by municipal water districts.

AmQuel Plus does not interfere with the nitrogen biological cycle -- it simply makes nontoxic what is normally dangerously toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates at every step of the cycle. This also means that AmQuel Plus cleans up the nitrogen-based organics that accumulate and are a problem as the water ages in the aquarium or pond. AmQuel Plus lessens the need for water changes.

The amounts of toxic components removed by AmQuel Plus vary depending on water conditions. Because water conditions are impossible to predict, AmQuel Plus has been formulated to remove a minimum of these toxic components under all possible aquarium conditions. For more exact results, the aquarist will have to perform water tests using the normally available water test kits such as Kordon's AquaTru Test kits. Note that when testing for ammonia you must use a kit based on the salicylate method, not nesslers. AmQuel Plus will not interfere with pH, nitrite or nitrate test kits.

The recommended dose for AmQuel Plus is 1 teaspoon (which equals 5 ml) for each 10 gallons of w ater to be treated. This dose will instantly break the bond between chlorine and ammonia found i n chloramines, then remove the chlorine, remove at least 1.2 ppm of ammonia, at least 2 ppm of nitrite, and at least 13 ppm of nitrate as well as remove many other toxic nitrogen compounds. All this is accomplished in a single dose.

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Refund Policy

Live Fish:

  • Due to the delicate nature of our fish, we cannot accept returns. However, we are committed to ensuring you receive your fish alive.
  • Please ensure you are present during delivery to accept and sign for your fish.
  • If, unfortunately, your fish arrives deceased, notify us within one hour of delivery. Send a digital photo as proof to, and we'll replace it with another of equal value.

Non-Returnable Items:

  • Chemicals, medications, water conditioners, and pond liners cannot be returned due to safety and quality reasons.

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    • Original packaging, warranty books, manuals, parts, and accessories must be intact.
    • For shipping, please encase the original packaging in another carton to prevent damage.

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  • After inspection, we'll confirm acceptance of the returned merchandise.

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  • Customers cover return freight costs. If we made an error or the item is defective, we'll handle the freight charges.
  • For orders with free shipping, the actual outgoing freight charge will be borne by the customer.

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