Omosako Koi Farm

Omosako Koi Farm is a famous Nishikigoi (koi) breeder in Japan, located in Kure, Hiroshima. It was founded in 1960 by Ryuzo Omosako, and is now run by his sons Takayoshi and Takahiro. Omosako Koi Farm is the leading producer of Shiro Utsuri, a variety of koi with black and white patterns. It has won many awards for its Shiro Utsuri, including the Grand Prize at the All Japan Koi Show for 12 consecutive years. Omosako Koi Farm also breeds other varieties, such as Kujaku, Showa, and Goshiki. It has a total raising area of 13 hectares, consisting of eight greenhouses and several mud ponds1. Omosako Koi Farm exports its koi to many countries around the world, including the US.

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