Maruhiro Koi Farm

Maruhiro Koi Farm is a well-known Koi fish breeder located in Ojiya, Niigata, Japan. The farm is owned by Hironori Maruhiro. Maruhiro Koi Farm specializes in Gosanke, Hikarimono, Kawarimono, and more.

Being a brother of Marusei Koi Farm, Hironori Maruhiro has a passion for breeding Koi that grow big. His facility is always full of Koi, especially large ones, regardless of the season.

Maruhiro Koi Farm breeds a wide variety of Koi, such as Gosanke, Kawarigoi, and Hikarimono. They strive to breed Koi that can grow big, aiming to make their customers happy when they buy their Koi and take care of them.

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