Maruhide Koi Farm

The Maruhide Koi Farm, run by Hidemasa Hirasawa, is located in Minaminigoro. Established around 2016, the farm is known for its specialty in Doitsu Gosanke varieties, which include Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Showa, and Doitsu Sanke. Hidemasa Hirasawa apprenticed at the famous Isa Koi Farm, and with his experience, knowledge, and passion for Koi, he works very hard to deliver the joy of Koi to many customers.

The farm is one of the few breeders in Niigata specializing in the Doitsu Gosanke variety.

Maruhide Koi Farm has already won Kokugyo and Sakura awards. A Sakura Prize at the All Japan Koi Show, and most recently one at the ZNA. His Koi are promising with a good future perspective.

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