Dainichi Koi Farm

Dainichi Koi Farm is a world-renowned Koi breeder located in Sanbusho, Ojiya, Japan. The farm was founded by the late Mano and is now managed by his sons, Futoshi Mano and Shigeru Mano.

The farm is recognized for its quality and body, and many Koi enthusiasts would like to have at least one nice Koi from Dainichi. They specialize in breeding Showa, Kohaku, Sanke, and other varieties.

Dainichi Koi Farm has produced many famous show winners, including grand champions at the All Japan Nishikigoi Show, the biggest show in the world. They were the first to produce a large and beautiful championship Gosanke.

The farm spans over an area of 400,000 m. They are committed to producing high-quality Koi and work hard to produce higher quality Nishikigoi.

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