Shinoda Koi Farm

Shinoda Koi Farm, founded in Oguriyama, Ojiya-city, Niigata in 1952, is a renowned breeder of exquisite koi. Led by Mr. Susumu Shinoda, the second generation of the family, the farm is known for breeding several varieties of Koi, including Ginrin Showa, Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Showa, and Hi Utsuri12In fact, Shinoda Koi Farm’s Ginrin Showa won the Grand Champion at the All Niigata Koi Show (Nogyosai) in 200012This Koi is known for its massive body and striking pattern

Shinoda Koi Farm is also recognized as the master of Hi Utsuri, with no other breeder coming close to their line1Their Hi Utsuri are known to grow with a massive body1.

  1. Ginrin Showa: The Shinoda Koi Farm Ginrin Showa achieved the prestigious title of Grand Champion at the All Niigata Koi Show (Nogyosai) in 2000. This remarkable koi now serves as a parent to preserve and enhance the quality bloodline
  2. Hi Utsuri: Shinoda Koi Farm is renowned for its Hi Utsuri. These koi can grow with a massive body, and their pattern remains consistent. When you visit their greenhouse in fall, you’ll be amazed by a group of impressive Hi Utsuri swimming around in one of their large ponds
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