Hiroi Koi Farm

Hiroi Koi Farm, nestled in the serene Oguriyama area of Ojiya city, is a bustling hub for Koi enthusiasts. Run by twin brothers, this farm has earned its reputation for providing top-quality and diverse Nishikigoi varieties.

Founded in 1938 by Teruchiyo Hiroi, the farm now thrives under the care of the twin brothers. Their commitment lies in offering clients the very best: beautiful, healthy, and captivating Nishikigoi. One of their most famous productions is the stunning Hiroi Goshiki variety.

Hiroi Koi Farm breeds a wide range of Koi, including Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Doitsu Gosanke, Ginrin Gosanke, Goshike, Ginrin Goshiki, and other captivating varieties.

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