Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
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Aqua Meds KoiRx De-Tox Plus

KoiRx De-Tox Plus 32 oz
$ 19.99
KoiRx De-Tox Plus 1 gallon
$ 39.99


The "Big Gun" of water conditioners

KoiRx De-Tox Plus is the "Big Gun" when it comes to water conditioners. In this day and age when many city water departments are receiving permission from the Federal Agencies to increase the chemical dosages to keep our tap water safe, we must be prepared to combat these chemical treatments for our ponds with a high powered water conditioner.

KoiRx De-Tox Plus is the best choice for areas that have high doses of chloramines in their city water. We recommend KoiRx De-Tox Plus for every water change.

KoiRx De-Tox Plus should be your first choice when filling a new pond because KoiRx De-Tox Plus REMOVES the ammonia in your tap water not just the chlorine.

Here are the benefits of KoiRx De-Tox Plus:

  • KoiRx De-Tox Plus instantly detoxifies and REMOVES ammonia, chlorine and destroys chloramines. Many water conditioners remove the chlorine from the chloramines in your tap water, leaving the ammonia behind in your pond for your filter to remove. KoiRx De-Tox Plus REMOVES the ammonia from your pond water so it does not stress your filter or your pond fish
  • KoiRx De-Tox Plus detoxifies Heavy Metals
  • KoiRx De-Tox Plus does not affect pH
  • KoiRx De-Tox Plus promotes the production of fish's natural slime coat
  • KoiRx De-Tox Plus adds Essential Electrolytes
  • KoiRx De-Tox Plus is safe for Fish, Pets and Wildlife Life
  • KoiRx De-Tox Plus is your best choice in emergency situations like power outages or filter failure