Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Imported Japanese Koi, and Goldfish

Matala Geyser Max Flow Water Pump

Geyser Max Flow 4700
$ 387.40
Geyser Max Flow 5400
$ 425.00


Geyser Max Flow Pumps were specially designed with a composite resin base for high performance and low amps.

This vertical standing pump is perfect for skimmer boxes or stand alone in pond bottom. The large surface area intake base can handle solids up to 3/8"e; and minimizes maintenance. The base is made of high quality composite resin and corrosion resistant.

New impeller and volute design make the pump very efficient with high flow rates for low amps. Running watts start at only 150 watts for the GM 3900. Maximum head pressure up to 41 feet for the GM-6200. 19 Feet cord on all pumps. Comes with a Two year Warranty.

GM-3900- Matala Geyser Max-Flow (1/4-HP 3900GPH)
GM-4700- Matala Geyser Max-Flow (1/3-HP 4700GPH)
GM-5400- Matala Geyser Max-Flow (1/2-HP 5400GPH)
GM-6200- Matala Geyser Max-Flow (3/4-HP 6200GPH)