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Concentrated Liquid Enzymes

Concentrated Liquid Enzymes 32 oz
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For best results: Bacteria and Enzymes must be used together. Combine Healthy Koi® All-In-One Dry Bacteria And Healthy Koi® Pond Enzymes with some pond water to start the process then add this mixture at pump intake or around the pond.

NOTE: Turn off UV lights for three days to let bacteria establish in pond and filter. (UV kills good bacteria also)

It is essential to understand what is going on within our biological filter systems. Bacteria convert harmful nitrogen by-products from aquatic animals into less harmful nitrates. This process occurs naturally in nature's lakes and streams. In a Koi pond, these bacteria are found on the walls of our ponds. They also can be found on the inside walls of the pond plumbing and on media we add. We can and should supplement this bacteria to increase and keep these colonies at their maximum strength. The more Bio Conversion we have the

WHY USE: Healthy Koi® All-In-One Bacteria

Bacteria are the base for the animal food chain within a pond or lake. Bacteria consume (decompose) waste products and assimilate nutrients by converting this material to other bacteria through the process of growing, reproducing, and multiplying. Bacteria then become the food source for other aquatic organisms such as zoo-flagellates, ciliates, and rotifers, which in turn become food for fish, insects, invertebrates, and other organisms. These living organisms compete for the nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) necessary for the growth of algae. Depending on the type of product and the species in it, bacteria can reduce organic sediment (muck) from the lake bottom, improve water clarity, reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus available for algae growth, and aid in the improvement of overall water quality. Healthy Koi® All-In-One Bacteria has all five strains @ 2 billion (CFU/g) colony forming units per gram each. These are all that's needed to manage the Koi pond needs and these strains added together are at the highest rate of 10 billion (CFU/g) colony forming units per gram. Most other bacteria additives on the market today use only one or two strains of this bacteria and at only 1 billion colony forming units per gram. Healthy Koi® All-In-One Bacteria has all that is needed and more to manage your waters bio bacterial needs. This means less confusion on what product to use and when!

NOTE: Dry Bacteria has a very long shelf life and only activated when added to water. Liquid Bacteria has a very short shelf life.

WHY USE: Healthy Koi® Concentrated Liquid Pond Enzymes

Life on earth, as we know it, would not exist without enzymes, just as life would not survive without oxygen or water. Enzymes are organic proteins made from amino acids. An enzyme is formed by stringing together 100 or even a 1,000 amino acids in a particular and unique order. The chain of amino acids then folds into a unique shape that allows the enzyme to act as a catalyst to carry out specific chemical reactions. Although enzymes catalyze (enhance) the chemical reaction by breaking molecules apart and putting molecules together. Enzymes are not consumed in the process. Enzymes perform the vital function of controlling the metabolic processes in which nutrients are converted into energy and fresh cell material. In nature, enzymes control the build-up and decomposition of essential matter in vegetable and animal organisms. The efficiency of an enzyme or bacteria depends on the number of wastes available, the abundance of dissolved oxygen accessible to the organisms, water chemistry (ex. pH), and the type or strains of bacteria present to do the job. In eutrophic (aging) ponds and lakes where aquatic plants, algae, and fish health are a problem, there is usually an abundance of organic wastes. Healthy Koi Concentrated Liquid Pond Enzymes used with our combination of bacteria strains bring these pond problems under control.

NOTE: Pond Enzymes must be liquid and have a very long shelf life


This is a once a week treatment, “pick a day” I do this once a week as long as my water is 50 degrees or above and I have pristine water and Healthy Koi with fantastic growth rates. All bacteria consume oxygen, and they will reduce the amount available for fish, therefore ensure adequate aeration by water pump or air pump. Allow plenty of time to observe fish in the unlikely advent of an adverse reaction.

Application Method:

For best results: Bacteria and Enzymes must be used together. Combine Healthy Koi® All-In-One Dry Bacteria And Healthy Koi® Pond Enzymes with some pond water to start the process then add this mixture at pump intake or around the pond.