Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Imported Japanese Koi, and Goldfish

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    Preview Sale: 2022 FALL KOI   SET-Z15   

    Group: 2022FALL-243
    Breeder: Ogata
    Available: 4 of 5
    A B D E

    Group: 2022FALL-244
    Breeder: Isa
    Available: 3 of 5
    A B D

    Group: 2022FALL-245
    Breeder: Isa
    Available: 4 of 4
    A B C D

    Group: 2022FALL-246
    Breeder: Isa
    Available: 2 of 2
    A B

    Group: 2022FALL-247
    Breeder: Kaneko
    Available: 1 of 2

    Group: 2022FALL-248
    Breeder: Omosako
    Available: 2 of 3
    B C

      All koi for sale at Champion Nishikigoi are imported direct from Japan from various famous breeders. Our koi are quarantine before we release them for sale to ensure that they are free from disease. These are only some of the koi we have in stock. If you do not see the koi you are looking for please contact us with what you are trying to find. Please read our terms and conditions before ordering. If you have any questions please email ( or call us. We are always happy to help.

      † Age at time of posting; Koi sexing is not 100%; Exact sizing can be requested.