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    11 items found in Test Kits - Champion Nishikigoi

    item#: 1106 Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitrite Test Kit  

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    item#: 1138 ECO-Pal Digital pH Meter  

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    The ECO Pal pH Meter measures pH, one of the more important control parameters in Koi ponds. Having a rugged, reliable and portable tester is indispensable to Koi hobbyists on the move. ...
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    item#: 1214 Koi Medic Salt Meter  

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    item#: 1847 PondCare Master Liquid Test Kit  

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    item#: 1398 Tetra Test Laborett  

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  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • pH
  • Nitrites (NO2)
  • General Hardness (GH)
  • Carbonate Hardness
  • Alkalinity (KH) ...
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    Koi for Sale

    NEW 13-J-303
    Koi for Sale Ogata Doitsu Sanke
    9" Doitsu Sanke
    Koi Breeder: Ogata

    Featured Products

    Medi Koi - 1.25 lb
    Medi Koi - 1.25 lb NEW Medi KoiTM EXCELLENT for treating TOUG
    >>
    $19.99 (Buy It Now!)
    Tetra Green Free UV-3 36w Replacement Bulb
    Tetra Green Free UV-3 36w Replacement Bulb
    $62.50 (Buy It Now!)
    Hikari Wheat Germ (Large) 5 kg
    Hikari Wheat Germ (Large) 5 kg HikariŽ wheat-germ is a highly nutritious, easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for koi
    >>
    $72.50 (Buy It Now!)
    Koi Medic Salt Meter
    Koi Medic Salt Meter Koi Medic Salt Meter KoiMedic Salt Meters are designed to measure and monitor the delicate salt co
    >>
    $79.95 (Buy It Now!)
    Hikari Saki Color Enhancing Diet (Medium) 2 kg
    Hikari Saki Color Enhancing Diet (Medium) 2 kg A Color-Enhancing, Daily Diet For Show Koi A professional use daily diet for koi offering aggress
    >>
    $61.99 (Buy It Now!)