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    3 items found in Pond Building - Champion Nishikigoi

    item#: 1673 Guide to Garden Ponds ISBN: 1-902389-54-9  

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    Planning a garden pond raises many questions. How big? Where to put it? What fishes and plants to stock it with? The colorful guide answers all these questions and more...
    >>

    item#: 1175 How to Build Ponds & Waterfalls ISBN 1-56465-195-9  

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    How to Build Ponds and Waterfalls and Much More... was written with the consumer in mind: it's a show and tell presentation of everything neede...
    >>

    item#: 1406 The Complete Pond Builder  

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    Aimed at amateur builders, this book begins with pond construction basics and continues through lined, raised and semi-raised, and earth ponds; waterfall and stream construction; p...
    >>

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    Koi for Sale

    NEW 14-B-379
    Koi for Sale Koda Koi Showa Sanke
    21" Showa Sanke
    Koi Breeder: Koda Koi

    Featured Products

    Terra Pond- Water Treatment & Nutrient 2 lb
    Terra Pond- Water Treatment & Nutrient 2 lb TerraPond is an all-natural product that is recognized by most Koi breeders as the foremost product
    >>
    $24.95 (Buy It Now!)
    Alita 40L Diaphragm Replacment Kit
    Alita 40L Diaphragm Replacment Kit Diaphragm replacement kit for Alita 40L.
    >>
    $65.00 (Buy It Now!)
    Aqua Master Wheat Germ (1kg) (Large)
    Aqua Master Wheat Germ (1kg) (Large) Aqua Master High Quality Koi Food comes in 4 variations for all seasons: Color Enhancer, Wheat Germ
    >>
    $13.49 (Buy It Now!)