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    Hai Feng Fast Color (Medium) 5 kg

    item#: 1044 Hai Feng Fast Color (Medium) 5 kg
    item#: 1044

    Out of Stock
    Out of Stock 
    Out of Stock 

    Product Description:

    Hai Feng Fast Color (Medium) 5 kg

    Hai Feng's special quality control process guarantees only top quality fish food. Special digestive enzymes contained in this product can minimize water pollution caused by fish waste.

    As the result of special processing of the elements, this balanced fish food contains vitamins B, C, and digestive enzymes, thus helps your fish to stay healthy through the winter.

    It contains vitamins, organic minerals, meat and vegetable protein, and wheat germ, which can be easily absorbed and utilized, thus enabling the carp to maintain their beautiful shape and growth.

    Fast Color contains special color enhancing elements of vitamin E, Spirulina and Antarctic Shrimp. This product will brighten the colors of your fish after 20 days of feeding. It contains sufficient vitamins, organic material and digestive enzymes which can be easily absorbed and utilized.

    Fast Color Ingredients: Wheat germ meal, White fish meal, Shrimp meal, Spirulina, Soybean meal, Dried sour whey, Dehydrated alfalfa, Brewers dried yeast, Various vitamins and minerals.

    Fast Color Guaranteed Analysis: 38% min. Crude Protein, 4% min. Crude Fat, 4% max. Crude Fiber, 10% max. Moisture, 16% max. Ash.

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