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    Aqua MedZyme Dry Concentrate 1 lb.

    item#: 1735 Aqua MedZyme Dry Concentrate 1 lb.
    item#: 1735

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    Product Description:

    Aqua MedZyme Dry Concentrate 1 lb.

    Dry Concentrate
    The NEW Generation Of Beneficial Bacteria

    Reduce Deadly Ulcers, Here’s How

    1. Renders deadly ulcer causing Aeromonas, Pseudomonas harmless to your fish
    2. NO REFRIGERATION needed , never worry about keeping your “Zyme” cold again
    3. Treats pond water as low as 40 degrees (F) Great for early spring & late fall treatments
    4. Can be stored at room temperature for 3 years or more
    5. DOES NOT contain chemicals, antibiotics or medications
    6. Safe for filters, plants, pets and wildlife
    Now here's the Best Part!

    Aqua MedZymeTM DC treats more pond water than any liquid "Zyme" on the market and is priced less!

    Treats More priced Less!
    One pound treats 125,000 gallons!!

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