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    A.B.A (Aqua-Bacta-Aid) 8 oz

    item#: 1055 A.B.A (Aqua-Bacta-Aid) 8 oz
    item#: 1055

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    Product Description:

    A.B.A (Aqua-Bacta-Aid) 8 oz

    A.B.A (Aqua-Bacta-Aid) is a strategic new biotechnology from Argent Chemical Laboratories. This multipurpose suspension of bacteria is used to reduce ammonia and nitrite levels, and to decrease dissolved organic solid levels in aquatic systems. Suspended, settleable fecal and feed solids are also readily eliminated.

    A suspension of seven dormant bacterial strains, these strains, upon dilution, will establish a stable biological filter with a subsequent decrease in ammonia levels. The ammonia nitrogen will eventually be converted into harmless nitrates and bacteria biomass.

    Product Features

  • Controls toxic nitrite and ammonia
  • Instantly ages pond and aquaria water
  • Rapidly clears and purifies water for optimal fish and aquatic health
  • Reduces sludge and fish waste
  • Safe and easy to use, harmless to humans and animals
  • ABA 250 mL Treats up to 2,500 Gallons
  • ABA 1 Liter Treats up to 10,000 Gallons

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