Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
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Pondmaster Supreme 2200 Pond Master 2000 Filter


Pondmaster 2000 Garden Pond Filter is a versatile filter that can be used with any submersible pump.

It's modular design allows units to be connected for greater filtering capacity.

Dual filter elements offer biological and chemical filteration of certain harmful compounds and unwanted colors.

Less time consuming than many other filters of this kind, the filter media is easily rinsed and changed.

Designed for ease of use and efficiancy, the Pondmaster 2000 is a low profile, non-obtrusive filter that rests on the pond bottom. It also has a convenient handle for easy removal from water.

Pondmaster 2000 filter 12" X 24" Comes with filter media, tubing and fittings. For larger ponds up to 2000 gal.

Deluxe 12" X 24" filter. Comes with polyester and biological media; tubing and fittings. Recommended for ponds up to 2000 gal. Can be used with pumps up to 1800 gph.