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Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
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PondMax PU3200 Filtration & Waterfall Pump

PondMax PU3200
$ 279.98


Filtration & Waterfall Pump

The PU3200 Filtration and Waterfall Pump from PondMAX will deliver high-quality performance for garden ponds and waterfalls. This pond filter and pump uses low power consumption and offers maximum efficiency. This unit also has power overload protection. You won’t be disappointed with the heavy-duty design and wear-resistant ceramic bearings for the impeller. The impeller has a closed design in order to accommodate high head heights. This filter and pump works for a maximum flow of 3,200 GPH, the head is 17.5 feet, the power offers 300 watts, and the cable length is 32 feet. This unit also comes with a two year warranty to ensure the functionality and longevity of this pond filter and pump. If you want your garden pond and waterfall to have clear, oxygenated water, and to also stay clean and algae-free, the PU3200 Filtration and Waterfall Pump is for you.

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Handles Solids Up To .8 cm
  • Power Overload Protection

Flow: 3200 GPH
Head: 17.5 Ft
Power: 300 Watts
Cable Length: 32 Ft.