Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
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TetraPond ClearChoice Pressure Filters


The TetraPond ClearChoice Pressure Filters force water through sponges and then through bio-rings to help maintain clear and healthy pond water. Its biological filtration converts harmful ammonia into relatively harmless nitrates. It is designed with an easy, one-step back-flush valve for cleaning sponges and bio-media. You can also bury to conceal and don't have to worry about a leak due to its robust latches and O-ring seal.

Each pressure filter is sold as either a stand-alone unit or with an integrated UV clarifier to provide permanent control of suspended algae and reduce green water. If you later decide you want to add a UV clarifier to your pressure filter TetraPond also provides UV upgrade kits.

Max Pond Size: 1500 gal
Max Flow: 750 gal
Overall Height: 16.5"

  1. Water is pumped from the pond.
  2. Water under pressure is forced through foam sponges removing fine particles.
  3. Filtered water passes through mesh tube and travels down a gap between the sponges and center tube.
  4. Water flow agitates bio-rings preventing debris build up.
  5. Beneficial bacteria feed on toxic ammonia converting into nitrites and then into relatively harmless nitrates. Nitrates are consumed by aquatic plants.
  6. Filtered water is forced up center tube.
  7. Clean water discharged to the pond.

The filter is equipped with a backwash value. To discharge accumulated waste and debris simply turn the value to backwash. Regular back-washing will reduce the need to clean the bio-media and sponges.