Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
Imported Japanese Koi

Laguna Pond Netting (15 ft x 12 ft)

Pond Netting (15 ft x 12 ft)
$ 24.95
Pond Netting (15 ft x 20 ft)
$ 34.95
Pond Netting (20 ft x 30 ft)
$ 59.95


  • Catch leaves before they get in your pond
  • Pond netting keeps pond fish in and predators out
  • Simplifies seasonal pond and water garden maintenance
These multi-purpose nets make pond maintenance easy. They protect fish from jumping out of your pond and stop predators from getting in. They also help make cleanup easier by keeping leaves and debris from settling in and fouling water. When leaves and debris collect on nets, just disconnect side and flip off. Sturdy green nylon netting with 1/2" spacing comes with 6 handy fastening pegs.