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Champion Nishikigoi
Champion Nishikigoi
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Fido-Shock Pet Deterrent Kit

Fido-Shock Pet Deterrent Kit
$ 54.95


Prevents damage from small animal mischief.

  • Energy-efficient, economical to operate.
  • Delivers a mild but memorable shock to deter mischievous small animal.
  • Plug into standard 110 volt household outlet.
  • Water-tight plastic case ensure long life.
  • Continuous output-type electric fence controller
Kit Contains:
  • 1 FIDO-SHOCK controller
  • 10 two foot plastic posts
  • 100 feet of electric fence wire
  • 1 package of cotter pins
  • 1 two foot ground rod
  • 1 ground clamp
  • Complete installation instructions enclosed
Quick, Easy to install

Hang the Fido-Shock controller in a dry place. Position plastic posts in ground and string fence wire from "FENCE" terminal on controller. Drive steel rod into soil, attach wire and connect with "GROUND" terminal. Plug into 110-120 volt outlet.


Simply splice more electric fence wire to the original fence by wrapping the two wires togather. The Fido-Shock controller will activate up to one mile of wire.

Fido-Shock Pet Deterrent Kit, model SS-725RP