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    Koi will eat both animal and vegetable matter which makes them omnivorous.  They do not have stomachs so they can not eat a large amount of food at one time.  This is the reason Koi spend a great deal of time foraging around for food. They will actually eat just about anything that is small enough for them to swallow whole.

    The actual hand-feeding process can be pleasurable for both you and your Koi.   Instead of throwing the food into the pond, take the time to place the food into the water at the same area daily.

    In so doing, the Koi will become accustomed to the routine and will, over time, become friendly and trusting enough to be hand-fed.  Koi have even been known to recognize there owners' footsteps and follow them around the waters edge. 

    Koi Food from Champion Nishikigoi
    Taming and training your Koi is a gradual process, but it can be very rewarding. Spending this time with your Koi will also allow you to observe any problems early on.

    Many Koi owners do not realize the importance of feeding.  Not only must consideration be given to the amount and time of feeding, but to the combinations of foods that are essential for healthy and colorful Koi.

    Koi food can be divided into proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.


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    item#: 1801 Hikari Saki Growth Diet (Medium) 2 kg  

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    A daily diet offering outstanding growth characteristics to help the advanced hobbyist develop jumbo sized champions!

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  • item#: 1788 Hikari Staple (Medium) 2 kg  

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    item#: 1797 Hikari Economy (Large) 4 kg  

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    A basic, daily diet for koi offering quality & value only the market leader could develop.

  • A balanced nutrient profile providing the b...
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  • >> View all products in Koi Food : Hikari <<

    Koi for Sale

    NEW 13-S-987
    Koi for Sale Ogata Kikisui
    27" Kikisui
    Koi Breeder: Ogata
    sale $1,600

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